PhotoMusic will transform your photos, just by drag and drop,  to a fantastic slideshow synchronized with s music automatically composed for the photos.

Photo by Chihiro Minato

What is PhotoMusic

Music is automatically created from the photos

Thanks to its patented automatic music composing technology, PhotoMusic takes full color photo files and analyses their color nature, to produce matching music from the scratch. This means the music created by PhotoMusic faithfully reflects the characteristics of color distribution of the photos. The photo is decomposed into seven color tiles, which will be associated with seven instruments (or sound source). By controlling the parameters through UI, like beat, tempo and instrument, you can adjust the composed music to fit your taste.

Copyright free music

All know silent slideshows are boring.  Music is a must for them. However, sometimes it requires a hassle to find out the matching music for the photo slideshow and to obtain the license from the owner of the music. The music created automatically by PhotoMusic from your photo is totally independent from 3rd party ownership, so that you can freely use it. (except in the case the photo is not under your ownership or have a right use)

Slideshow of new breed — photo, color, music, score and effect

PhotoMusic transform a photo to a “tile-score”, then produce music from that. Tile-core is a set of colorful tiles, each of the tiles represents a tone of the corresponding photo segment, so that it helps the user to grasp the nature of the created music from the graphical representation. PhotoMusic provides various kind of screen effects that matches the nature of the color distribution of the photo, so it can create very powerful photo slideshow consists of photo, color, music, score and effect.

Share slideshow through internet

Created photos slideshow can be stored as movie files (mp4 or wmv).  You can easily upload these files to video sharing sites, like YouTube or Vimeo, or post to SNS, like Facebook or Twitter, to share your exciting work with your friends worldwide.


A trial version, PhotoMusic-BASIC, is available for free download for either Mac or Windows.


“PhotoMusic-BASIC 1.0 (Mac版)” をダウンロード open – 78 回のダウンロード –

“PhotoMusic-BASIC 1.0 (Windows版)” をダウンロード open – 86 回のダウンロード –

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